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SKF / Lincoln Wisconsin

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Automatic Lubrication Systems

Automatic Lubrication Systems (ALS), also referred to as Centralized Lubrication Systems, enhance the performance and reliability of industrial and mobile equipment by utilizing a centralized system that enables the delivery of precise volumes of lubricant for specified moving parts of a machine.

Designed to lubricate individual machines or complete plants, Application Equipment delivers state-of-the-art automated lubrication products, systems and solutions from leading manufacturers that empower our company with the resources to provide proper, and precise lubricant replenishment to all required points, enabling a range of benefits in the process:

  • Significant savings in repair and spare costs
  • Increased machine reliability
  • Up to 50% savings in lubricant costs due to accurate timing and applications
  • Fewer shutdowns and production losses
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Greater workers’ safety

Combining more than 100 years of expertise from industry-leading Automatic Lubrication Systems manufacturing brands like SKF, Lincoln, Alemite, Graco, Bijur, GITS, Haight, Hy-Pro, IFH Group, LSP Industries, Oil Rite, Trico and Vogel, Application Equipment provides your company with the right lubrication solution to help increase up-time and productivity.

Application Equipment Lubrication Systems Manufacturers