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Industrial & Mobile Lubrication Services & Solutions


Lubrication Solutions

Did you know that poor lubrication causes about 36% of all premature bearing failures?

But with the right lubrication solution you can create new opportunities to increase uptime and productivity. Along with helping to reduce premature bearing failures and machine downtime, proper lubrication can increase energy efficiency.

At Application Equipment, our lubrication solutions range from individual machinery to state-of-the-art lubrication systems. Integrated lubrication solutions combine our expertise in bearings, seals and condition monitoring with our tribology knowledge – the study of friction, wear and lubrication.

We partner with leading manufacturers to provide your company with the right lubrication solution, and you can count on our leading technical support and services. This includes lubrication management programmers to help with lubrication system designs, planning and monitoring – all from our experienced professionals.

Application Equipment Lubrication Systems Manufacturers



System Design/Project Engineering

Application Equipment designs Centralized Lubrication Systems to enhance the performance and reliability of industrial and mobile equipment

In conjunction with our Research & Development department, our highly-qualified project application engineers and technicians develop specialized systems that are designed to meet the customer’s individual requirements and needs.

Our project engineers and technicians provide competence, flexibility and decades of experience in the planning and layout of state-of-the art lubrication systems. We have the ability and resources to provide solutions for individual automotive, construction, mining, food, packaging, renewable energy machines or large industrial plant solutions tied to the customer’s unique requirements.

As a result, our customers receive an individual solution that is based upon decades of lubrication technology experience and innovation.



Installation & System Maintenance

All systems installed at your site are done by highly-qualified, trained technicians  who have years of expertise and experience

As part of our complete service package we provide installation of components and systems. At Application Equipment, our decades of experience ensure that the installation work will be performed economically and with high-quality workmanship. In the case of customer-installed systems, we provide assistance from installation to start-up.

Qualified and experienced technicians calibrate the equipment, measure the performance and record the start-up data for the customer. The advantage: complete system guarantee.

We also provide support for customers wishing to carry out the installation work themselves. Upon request we provide customers with a service technician that provides installation advice or supervises the installation work.



System Maintenance

Application Equipment is a fully authorized System House

The maintenance of Application Equipment’s lubrication system designs and customized solutions are essential for their function, safety and service life.

As a full-service authorized system house, we are able to service your equipment and ensure your production remains functional and safe, resulting in higher productivity, increased up-time, and significant savings in repair and replacement part costs.

In-turn this results in fewer shutdowns and production losses. Contact us today to learn how we can help your company with your lubrication solutions, design, development and system maintenance.



Customer Training and Consulting

We provide professional expertise, consultation and training of all lubrication systems and components on-site or in our plant facility.

Experienced trainers teach all aspects of lubrication and material dispensing systems at our Jackson, Wisconsin and Addison, Illinois facilities.

We assist our customers from the first idea to the final touches on a complete project. Right from the start, our experienced sales reps carefully analyze the customer requirements on-site and lay the foundation for the ideal system solution.

Our internal professionals and seamless network of sales reps consult our customers either on the job or over the phone, before, during and after our lubrication systems have been installed.